Christmas holidays




Holidays or long weekends extract you out from your routine. Christmas is on an other level, most of the time you spend quality time with your family.

For us, Christmas, is like dogmatic at least always spend Christmas eve together. For this simple day (or dinner) everything is planned out two months before.


The weather


All my family gathers at my parent’s home, the place where I grew up in the countryside of France, in Corrèze.

This past year, the weather was sunny but really cold espacilly when we took these pics :

It felt exactly like the spirit of Christmas, getting freezzzzzzzing cold outside to get get warm inside. My dad took care of the wood for that :




At home, the decoration changes radically, a big Christams tree stands in the middle of the living room, Christmas wreath and pine cones are sporadically disposed.



Christmas tree and gifts

All of these details contributes a lot to the Christmas spirit.

My parents took a lot of time to dispose the tree and his decoration in the living room.

For the very last touch, yes you know what I’m talking about : Gifts. I was there to shoot their arrival.


Diner table

Every hands help around to set up a nice table. Last but not least, cheers with some Champagne.


I wish to all of you a happy and merry Christmas with your family.

Shot on fuji pro H 400 rated at 200.